ID-10047013In the world of leaner business, very often in-house staff do not have the time to take on projects which will move the company forward on top of their daily job and budgets don’t allow for employing another staff member.  EICS therefore provide an extra pair of trained hands as and when the need arises.

Export Strategy Planning

Exporting can be very lucrative.   It can also be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Some companies make a conscious decision to export their product or service as part of their business plan, others consider it after receiving an unsolicited export enquiry.  Either way, you need a plan.

Let EICS work with you to devise your strategy.  Together with your key staff members, we will work to identify your export objectives, assess your readiness to export and deal with any shortfalls identified, determine which external factors will need to be taken into account, then prepare your step by step export plan.

If help is then needed in addressing areas of weakness, we offer a discount on our support service.

Comprehensive Export Documentation Service

The outsourced service will provide ‘back office’ management of all export shipments.  This will include:

  • raising all documentation required by the regulations of the importing country
  • liaising with the freight forwarder to arrange collection
  • providing the freight forwarder with instructions to ensure that transport documents are prepared correctly
  • preparing collection paperwork for those shipments with documentary collection payment terms
  • managing Letters of Credit, from an initial feasibility check to ensure the client will be able to comply with its terms and conditions and requesting any amendments required  preparing all documentation required by the L/C and presenting documentation to the bank for payment.  Should the bank have any queries, we will deal with them on your behalf.

Import Management Service

Ensuring the import transaction is processed correctly, from submission of purchase order showing terms and conditions to the client’s advantage, through to Customs Clearance and the use of the most beneficial Customs Entry regime to avoid unnecessary duty payments.

Export Licence Application Service

For companies who don’t have sufficient resource to manage the export licence application process, we provide an outsourced service to do this for you.

Interim Management

Short-term cover service available for such eventualities as maternity & paternity leave, staff holidays, staff training and peak busy periods. This service is offered for export credit control, export sales, import purchasing, market research and shipping departments.

International Trade Helpline

Unsure about some practicality to do with international trade?  Would you welcome access to a specialist to discuss options or provide the answer to your question?  Our helpline offers support for importers and exporters.

Call or email us with your query and we will respond to you either immediately or within 24 hours at the maximum.  Hours of operation:  Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm.

We offer various levels of service to suit your need.  Try our Entry Level 2 hours’ per month and upgrade to higher levels of support as and when necessary.

Andrew Elliott – Sales Director T W Ward CNC Machinery Ltd

TW Ward CNC Machinery had a recent requirement to apply to the Export Control Organisation to establish if an export license was required but were unsure of the procedure to follow.

With the expertise and clear guidance of EICS, we had confidence that the process was handled professionally which allowed us to concentrate our time and efforts on other issues within our business trading. As the process for an export licence can be protracted, it was important that our customer was kept informed during every step of the process – EICS handled this aspect for us in an exemplary manner.

If in the future, T W Ward need to apply for export licences, we would certainly be happy to work again with EICS.