Market Research

Market Research

Export Market Research

There are over 190 countries in the world – some of which will offer greater potential of sales for your company than others.  Based on a number of criteria, the skill is to identify those that bring the greatest return for the least effort – then once these markets are ‘in the bag’ move on to the more challenging markets.

EICS will work with you to identify clear market research criteria, then will undertake desk and where required, field research to access those markets.

Services offered at EICS:

Export Market Entry

We offer help in:

  • defining and prioritizing target export markets, with the aim of maximizing our client’s chances of profitable returns with the minimum of effort
  • providing a structured marketing plan designed to meet our client’s goals.
  • assessing product suitability for the target export market, taking into account any  import restrictions
  • assessment and selection of distribution channels appropriate to the client’s product

Selection of Agents and Distributors

The wrong overseas representative can be more damaging than no representative.

  • We provide help in finding agents and/or distributors to match your clearly defined criteria.
  • We also advise on Agency terms and conditions both to avoid pitfalls and conflicts, and to motivate your overseas representative.

Market Research

Researching Overseas Suppliers

Many companies wish to buy from overseas to take advantage of lower prices offered by developing countries.  However, most are wary of committing to buying from unknown suppliers. This service offers:

  • Market research to find suitable suppliers of required product
  • Clarification of the fundamental terms and conditions of the import purchase order, to ensure your best interests are served in the negotiation process
  • Guidance on what needs to be in place administratively before the import shipment takes place
  • Clarification of costs involved in the import procedure together with advice on the most cost effective method of shipment
  • Guidance on freight insurance
  • Where necessary, provision of help in identifying a suitable freight forwarder and facilitating freight rate negotiations for each distribution method
  • De-mystification of HMRC compliance rules & regulations, including the buyer’s responsibilities with regards to the import Customs entry, through to regimes available to defer or avoid the payment of duties
  • Where required, training for staff involved in the import transaction, including explanation of import documentation and terminology pertinent to the transaction.

Bryan Sullivan – Director of International Business – Ronseal Ltd.

Ronseal, although a household name in the UK, is virtually unknown in southern parts of Europe/ As such, these markets present a good opportunity base for our business to expand. We commissioned EICS to carry out a detailed piece of research into the structures of the Spanish DIY market.

I personally briefed and de-briefed the project and found EICS’ work to be of the highest standard. Their consultant impressed us in the way they approached the task and overcame barriers to getting the information required. Results were presented idn a timely and uncomplicated way, staying within the agreed budget.

I have no hesitation in recommending EICS’ work to any business.