EICS is an independent company, offering practical, hands-on support to businesses on international trade issues.With years of experience working in industry, we understand the realities of business.

Our clients range from the start-up to the established exporter, SME to the corporate company.  They require from us specific expertise to provide solutions that add value to their business - delivered professionally and diligently.

Information can be easy and comparatively cheap to come by, but that doesn’t make it effective.  What most people need is access to experience, know-how and capacity for efficient implementation.

We know from decades of working in international trade, that exporting and importing can seem like a minefield of rules and regulations.  The overseas sale involves more work to win, more documentation to  get the goods or services to the buyer.  Export terminology may as well be in a foreign language and compliance issues seem daunting.

This can be off-putting when you have a business to run on a daily basis.  Where do you find the time to research what needs to be done, how do you know when you have all the necessary information, what steps need to be taken to implement that information into your established systems and procedures quickly and efficiently?

EICS have the experience, know-how and capacity to help you.  Our founding consultant, Jayne Mezulis recognised that many businesses couldn’t afford to employ a full time export professional to negotiate the complexities of international trade, and for some of those companies who could, there would be times when an extra pair of trained hands would be needed to deliver a specific project.  Our company was set up to help such clients.

We tailor our service to focus on your business needs, be they growth, compliance or up-skilling.  Our objective is to use our knowledge to provide you with a short cut to the solution for your problem.  We do this by listening to your needs, identifying how we can help, then developing and delivering the solution – at a fair price.An independent agency, we are on the side of the importer or exporter. We want you to feel that we are part of your team, watching your back, looking out for your best interests.  Our years of experience mean that we know the component parts that make up the international trade jigsaw – we exist to help you piece that jigsaw together.

Let us help you make it happen.

Enjoy your visit, but if there is any additional help you require please either give us a call
on +44 (0) 1433 659197 or +44 (0) 7951 787250 or email us on [email protected]